Card Spotlight #3: Joe Sakic – Topps 1989 #113 (PSA 9)


Card: Joe Sakic Topps 1989 #113 (PSA 9 Graded)

Key Corners:

  • Demand: Canadian all-time great in the 1990s/2000s
  • Supply: ~120 Topps cards graded PSA 9+ (<10% of OPC)
  • Comps: Joe Sakic 1989 OPC/Steve Yzerman 1984 Topps


Joe Sakic was an iconic captain and offensive threat in the NHL and on the international stage in the 1990s and 2000s. He finished his career in the top 10 for total points, leading the Avalanche to two Stanley Cups and  becoming a member of the Triple Gold Club.


The varying quality of 1980s O-Pee-Chee (OPC) hockey cards has led to a higher demand (and higher prices) for the fewer high quality OPC cards compared to Topps (higher quality).

In 1989, there was a flip in rarity between the OPC and Topps brands. This change is seen in large difference in supply of Joe Sakic’s PSA 9+ cards between the two brands (OPC – 2,000 cards, Topps – 150 cards).

I have focused on the rarer of the two brands and selected the Topps PSA 9 grade (~110 cards).

Relative Valuation:

I’ve decided to compare Joe Sakic’s PSA 9 Topps card against his own OPC PSA 10 card and the Steve Yzerman’s OPC 1984 PSA 9 card.

While the Joe Sakic’s PSA 10 grade is gem mint, the Topps card has 1/10 of the population of the OPC across the 9 & 10 gradings demonstrating extreme relative rarity. Further, in direct comparison the OPC PSA 10 had 50% more supply than the Topps PSA 9.

The debate between Yzerman vs. Sakic as players continues to go back and forth. As mentioned in earlier posts, I am not debate which player is better but to find players in the same tier. While the Yzerman PSA 10 sells for $2,000+, the PSA 9 sells for $150. Again, looking at the population report the card has +500 graded copies.

Given the limited supply of the Sakic Topps PSA 9 and guide review of the two card comparisons, I believe there is potential for the Sakic Topps PSA 9 to appreciate over time.

Player Brand Grade Supply Price*
Joe Sakic Topps 10 ~10 $800
Joe Sakic OPC 10 ~170 $150
Steve Yzerman OPC 9 ~510 $150
Joe Sakic Topps 9 ~110 $30

Value Portfolio:
Yes, valued at $30 USD*

*Source: PSA



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