Card Spotlight #2: Jaromir Jagr – Score Traded/Rookie 1990 #70T (PSA 10)


Card: Jaromir Jagr Score Rookie/Traded 70T (PSA 10 Graded)

Key Corners:

  • Demand: 2nd all-time point scorer and 3rd all-time goal scorer
  • Supply: Rarer print with ~250 PSA graded at 10
  • Comps: Joe Sakic 1989 Topps/OPC, Steve Yzerman 1984 Topps


Jaromir Jagr is one of the modern greats in the NHL. Over a long, decorated career he has ascended to the top of the all-time points and goals making him a highly desirable modern-era player to collect and follow for card collectors across generations.


Similar to Martin Brodeur, Jagr entered the league at a time when multiple card producers started producing  high quality cards. As a result, Jagr has 5+ rookie cards and many of his cards can be bought near mint for $5 ungraded.

To counter the high supply of Jagr rookie cards, I have selected a high quality (PSA 10), low supply card – Jagr’s Score Rookie/Traded card (70T). Jagr’s most expensive rookie card (OPC Premier) currently lists for $150+ but has ~2,100 cards that are grade PSA 10. The Score Rookie/Traded has ~250, making it quite selective.

Relative Valuation:

Jagr’s career stats put him in the same tier as Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman.

Joe Sakic and Steve Yzerman have two rookie cards- OPC and Topps. The rarer of the two cards for both players is currently valued at $1,000+. Their more common rookie cards have a price of ~$200.

As Jagr’s OPC Premier card has tested the secondary card range of Sakic/Yzerman ($150+), I believe the Score Rookie/Traded, which is rarer, could hit this range.

Value Portfolio: Yes, valued at $30 USD* 

*Source: Not listed on PSA, viewing past eBay transaction history


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