Card Spotlight #1: Martin Brodeur – Score Canadian 1990 #439 (PSA 10)


Note: I’m looking to finally get on track with this blog and start a (hopefully) regular section called “Card Spotlight”. The goal of this segment is to highlight cards that I believe ‘trade’ at a discount based on demand/supply. I’ll explain my methodology in a future posting. Here goes!

Card: Martin Brodeur Score Canadian #439 (PSA 10 Graded)

Key Corners:

  • Demand: Rookie of key Millennial goalie with Hall of Fame stats
  • Supply: Rarer ‘Canadian’ version  at a PSA 10 limits supply < 400 cards globally
  • Comps: Patrick Roy OPC 1986 Rookie @ PSA 9 sells at $400


Martin Brodeur is a key future HoF goalie of the 1990/2000s era. My goal isn’t to turn this into a debate of where he ranks with modern greats, such as Roy and Hasek, but I think it is safe to say he is a highly decorated goalie with a fan base among  25-50 yrs old, North American hockey fans.


The tricky part of recommending a early 1990s card is that this is the period when the card industry went into a ‘crash’ as the market was flooded with the mass production of perfectly manufactured cards (an issue with pre-1990 cards). The goal in this era is to find special run, high grade cards to negate the high volume of cards produce. I’ve decided to focus on three key characteristics for a Brodeur card: Score (only official rookie card produced for Brodeur), Canadian (4,100 grade vs. 11,800 normal run*), PSA 10 (~25% of graded*). The result is a card population of 380 compared to 10,000+ that were produced in 1990.

Relative Valuation:

As I started off, I think a potential comparison is Roy’s 1986 OPC card. I am not here to rank Roy vs. Brodeur. I think it can be agreed they are both high caliber goalies. While the 1986 card is older and OPC is valued at a premium compared to its Topps counterpart, I think the PSA 9 population (~440 cards) makes  this card a fair comparable. The OPC 1986 Roy Rookie is valued at $350. While, the Roy card has characteristics that will always make it trade at premium, I believe with time and Brodeur’s induction in the HoF, we should see Brodeur’s Canadian PSA 10 close the gap.

Value Portfolio: Yes, valued at $85 USD* 

*Source: PSA


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